Session 2.0 – Overview

This second session will expose participants to three interrelated topics – who is the audience for heritage impact studies, how to prepare reports to effectively communicate the findings to target audiences, and the use of GIS as an analysis tool. In the small group portion of Session 2, each participant will report on the status of the impact analysis they will be conducting in their city.

Preparation For Session 2:

Participants should read:

  1. 24 Reasons Historic Preservation is Good for your Community and
  2. The Role of Cultural Heritage in Sustainable Development: Multidimensional Indicators as Decision-Making Tool


Tuesday, August 23, 2022 21:00 – 23:00 (GMT+8) Kuala Lumpur

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Week 2: August 23 2022
(+8GMT) 9:00pm Intro, logistics and announcements
9:05pm How day will be structured, subjects of the day
9:10pm Who should want heritage impact analysis, how they might use it
9:25pm Introduction to GIS for measuring impacts of heritage
9:40pm How to present findings to reach audiences
9:55pm Q&A
10:10pm Session 2 General Wrap-up
Any final Q&A
Make sure participants understand final assignment
10:25pm Breakout Session
Briefly describe what will be looked at (i.e. building/district/sector)
Offer ideas as to what will be measured
Offer ideas as to where data will be found
10:45pm Session End