Session 3.0 – Overview

Session 3 will be devoted to each participant reporting on their own heritage impact findings. This will be done by using the template for the five PowerPoint slides. The initial presentation will be made to the other members of their small group. One of the presentations from each small group will be selected to present to the entire group. Following those presentations, the instructors will comment on the methodologies used, the challenges the participants faced, and suggestions on how those challenges might be met in the future. Open discussion among participants and instructors will explore ways the lessons of this Masterclass can be utilized in each participant’s home community.

Preparation For Session 3:

Participants should read at least one of the reports in the Impact Reports folder.


Tuesday, August 30, 2022 21:00 – 23:00 (GMT+8) Kuala Lumpur

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Week 3: August 30 2022
(+8GMT) 9:00pm Explanation of how session will work
9:10pm Small groups for presentations
Each participant presents their 5 slides
Comments/questions from other participants & moderator
10:10pm Reassemble as large group
Each small group moderator selects one presentation/participant from their group to present to all participants
Comment/critique of presentations
How findings might be used
How overcame data access challenges
Importance of findings
10:40pm Final Wrap up
10:55pm Session End