Earth Week 2020

A curated series of #EarthWeek webinars to create discourse on the theme of Earth Day 2020 — Climate Action.

Climate vs Corona: Why Panic About the Virus but Not About the Climate Crisis?

The Coronavirus pandemic has effectively forced humans to change their behaviours and routines. This disruption inadvertently has had an impact on our carbon footprint. Why is it we do not choose to react so effectively when it concerns the imminent threat of climate change? What lessons can we take from this pandemic?

Adaptive Policy Making in the Age of Crisis

The current pandemic, with its lockdowns, work-from-home, and cross-border travel restrictions, has brought adaptive policymaking to the fore as we react strategically and collectively to stem the spread of the virus. What if we looked at CO2 and CH4 as viruses threatening our homes and livelihoods? Adaptive policymaking could be pivotal in our quest for a greener planet.

Saving the Planet One Meal at a Time

Food production and consumption accounts for some 25% of the world’s GHG emissions. There are multiple stages in the supply chain that cause emissions – from deforestation and land use changes through to transport and packaging, and food loss and food waste. The choices we make in our food consumption patterns ultimately dictate the food supply market and its impact on our planet.

Home Gardening for Food Security

With lockdowns in place across the world and global supply chains disrupted, food security has come to be a primary concern for nations, cities, and even homes. How can we be at least partially self-sufficient in our homes and our cities?

Climate Change and Covid-19: A Tale of Two Crises

Climate Change and Covid-19 could have something in common: they both may well stem from our treatment of nature. What lessons can we take from the two crises?

Ramadhan Musings: Islam & Nature

In this holy month of Ramadhan, we contemplate Islam’s key messages on our role as stewards to God, and our relationship with nature.

The Circular Economy in Action

Three women share their journey of championing the circular economy, a zero-waste lifestyle, and corporate sustainability.

The Iconic Fireflies — A measure of healthy ecosystems & nature conservation

The Iconic Fireflies — A measure of healthy ecosystems & nature conservation Our acclaimed speakers share why fireflies, a beloved Bukit Kiara sight, are a measure of healthy ecosystems and nature conservation