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    C2. How do laws and regulations provides a framework to answer to the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders?

    They provide a strong foundation to define rights, obligations and roles in the protection of cultural heritage. This is in my opinion important because it prevents confusion and overlapping later on while streamlining the necessary work to be done to protect the cultural heritage.

    C2. How does the programme reconcile the general principles with the specific requirements of each unit (ie. courtyards or buildings)?
    General principles provide a first step for discussion while specific requirements can be incorporated later as long as it does not harm the authenticity elements.

    C2. How do you establish a management method for the “small scale and gradual” long term operation pattern?
    This highly depends on the resources and scope of the operation.

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    I found the Permission Tool and Financial Tool to be extremely useful and important tools to conserve cultural heritage and preserve the local habitat. In the UNESCO city of Malacca in Malaysia, there have been rapid developments taking place which have put at risk the cultural element of the city and its local inhabitants. From one perspective, it can be argued that the Malacca state did not include permission tools when developers were invited to build apartments and condominiums. This led to high rise buildings being built all over the city to make it look like Kuala Lumpur (advanced and modern, a hub for investors)- In trying to replicate the big city, the unique element of Malacca with its small houses and buildings from the colonial days were put at risk. Another tool is the financial tool; often time there is news on the media about an ancient temple (candi) in Lembah Bujang (Bujang Valley) being destroyed by developers to build new housing area, etc. There is widespread public backlash and anger, however, the situation then calms down and with a small penalty being enforced; not enough to deter future developers. These tools are very important in my view and should be incorporated not just at national level but local council level planning as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)