Earth Week 2021

A curated series of #EarthWeek webinars to create discourse on the theme of Earth Day 2021 — Restoring Our Earth Together.

Old Cities, New Challenges 2021

Our historic towns and neighbourhoods are under continual threat of destruction, yet may offer insights into how we might make our cities more sustainable. The Getty Conservation Institute and the Think City Institute hosted this webinar as part of the launch of the second in their series of courses for urban conservation in Southeast Asia.

Earth Week 2020

A curated series of #EarthWeek webinars to create discourse on the theme of Earth Day 2020 — Climate Action.

Cultural Heritage Series: Dollars and Sense? Digging Up The Past

A collision between heritage ideals and rapid developments is a constant challenge in urban cultural heritage conservation. Very often, preservation of a site’s history are overlooked or ignored, particularly in urban areas. Nevertheless, there has been a significant shift in recent times, with growing knowledge among stakeholders and the local community about the protection and development of heritage.

Cultural Heritage: Dollars & Sense? REXKL In The Making

Urban regeneration ideas, experience and vision in the making of REXKL by Shin Tseng.

Cultural Mapping for Place and Community Planning

A webinar for activists, professionals and policymakers interested in contextual and holistic approaches to placemaking, community building, design or policy making. 

Urban Financing

A series of webinars on bridging the financing gap between sustainable urban development projects and investors.

International Day for Biological Diversity 2020

A curated series of webinars on the International Day for Biological Diversity 2020.

Badan Warisan Malaysia Series Talk: Restoring Stadium Merdeka – For The Record

Professor Ar. Laurence Loh shares with us the inside story behind the highly successful restoration of Stadium Merdeka. It is a story worth telling as it embodies the personal agendas and missions of key personalities in Badan Warisan Malaysia and describes the conversations that led up to the execution of the project.

Badan Warisan Malaysia Series Talk: Measured Drawing & Surveys – What are they?

This talk introduces the way heritage & historical buildings were documented in the past for the purpose of later reproducing, or the restoration of heritage architecture.