Think City’s published works on urban issues and solutions produced in-house and in partnership with thought leaders from around the world.

Think City Johor Bahru Programme: Phase 1 Report (Feb 2016 – Feb 2019)
The Johor Bahru programme evolved out of the recognition of JB as a pivotal city in Malaysia’s southern region. This report reflects on the output delivered, outcomes created and learnings from our experience over the last 3 years.

Think City x Citi Foundation: 1st Grant – City for Everyone (Shared Spaces)
The Green Transformation Programme aims to identify and transform potential green spaces in Downtown Kuala Lumpur, as well as stimulate working partnerships amongst community stakeholders based upon environmental programmes.

Think City x Citi Foundation: 2nd Grant – City for Everyone (Shared Spaces Pt. 2) – Impact Report 2015
The City Foundation x Think City Partnership for Sustainable Shared Spaces in Kuala Lumpur stems from a shared purpose to drive urban transformation. This report reflects on the output delivered, outcomes created and learnings from our experience over the last 3 years.


Think City x Citi Foundation: 3rd Grant – Green Transformation Programme (Outcomes Report)

The Green Transformation Programme in Kuala Lumpur makrs the fourth year in which the Citi Foundation and Think City have collaborated to contribute towards the urban transformation of Kuala Lumpur (KL), highlighting greening practices that could be undertaken by individuals and/or the private sector.


The Kuala Lumpur Creative & Cultural District: Next Generation Perspectives

The works presented in this publication were derived from an academic workshop part of the wider Heritage Preservation & Economic Development (HPED) series, focusing on the many advantages of preserving the rich architectural past of a nation.


Launch of Creating Future-Proof Cities: How to Navigate the Climate Crisis

This book offers a framework for how we can build more resilient cities in Malaysia, benchmarked to global standards whilst providing a framework, tailored to local context, for governments and organisations to act.


A Guide for Public Art Projects

With public art becoming more commonly used for the regeneration of our cities, there is the risk that cities will become saturated with poor quality art that can in fact detract from its aims. This guide is to provide city-makers with an essential tool that would help inform their decisions on and invigorate the process of commissioning public art. 


Streetwise Design by Elizabeth Vines

Successful conservation in the urban environment relies on a shared understanding of the basic processes and tools available to assist in this work. In this latest book, Streetwise Design and Australian architect and heritage practitioner Elizabeth Vines takes the reader through the key ingredients for successful local management.

The City at Eye Level By STIPO
Because of the unprecedented growth in the recent decade in Asian cities, there is more need than ever for clever and creative planning solutions and better design principles. The City at Eye Level Asia is a response to the increasing demand from Asian urban practitioners for case studies on creating great cities at eye level, suitable to their local context. 

A Guide to Neighbourhood Placemaking in Chicago – PPS & Metropolitan Planning Council
In order to begin to transform the process of creating places and building stronger communities in Chicago, PPS has embarked on a partnership with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to highlight many of the important civic actions already underway in Chicago, and provide a framework for further improvements to the city’s public spaces. This guide is the first product of this partnership. 

Using Public Life Tools: The Complete Guide – Gehl Institute
This guide will teach you how to carry out surveys of public spaces and the public life that takes place in them.

Public Spaces, Public Life – Jan Gehl & City of Sydney
This report contains an analysis of the study area including a summary of the public life survey, and a set of overall recommendations. It also presents the public life survey in detail.