Session 1.0 – Overview

Session 1 will address why measuring the impacts of heritage conservation is a challenge but also why it is important. Participants will be introduced to the language of analysis such as longitudinal, cross sector, and indexing. Various methodologies and data sources will be discussed as well as representative current research on the impacts of heritage. The session will conclude with small group discussions including understanding the assignments for the next two sessions.

Preparation For Session 1:

Participants are encouraged to read or skim Measuring Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation prior to Session 1.


Tuesday, August 16, 2022 21:00 (+8GMT) Kuala Lumpur

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Week 1: August 16 2022
(+8GMT) 9:00pm Welcome, introduction, logistics, resources etc
9:15pm Short self-introductions
9:35pm Lecture on Measuring Heritage Impacts
General background on impact measurement
Why measure
What to measure
How to measure
10:05pm Q&A
Assignment Briefing
What was looked at (building/district/sector)
What was measured
Data sources used
Challenges faced
What was Impact
10:20pm Session 2 expectation
10:35pm Breakout Session
Intro to group
Additional questions
10:50pm Session End