Session 1.1 – Assignment Brief

Each participant will conduct an analysis of the impact of heritage conservation. The subject of the analysis can be a single building or site, a residential or commercial neighborhood, or an economic sector. One metric will be chosen by the participant who will then be responsible for identifying how the impact will be measured and the data source that will be used to measure the impact. The measurement can be either change over time (longitudinal) or between heritage asset(s) and non-heritage assets (cross sector). As an alternative, participants can establish base data that can be used in the future to measure change. The lectures and the small group sessions will further clarify what is expected. For their reports participants will utilize the PowerPoint template. There are five slides that should be prepared:

  1. What was looked at:
  2. What was measured;
  3. Data sources used;
  4. Challenges faced; and
  5. What was the impact.

Template for the assignment can be found on the next page (Session 1.2)